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Regulation Requirements

To ensure compliance with building regulations in Scotland and England - Regulation 14' of the workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) 1992 and building approved document K (2013) - glass screens and doors require to have a safety film applied to make the screen easily distinguishable:

Film can either be applied to the glass surface or be fitted as an inter layer in a variety of patterns or continuous lines at the required height of 850-1000 mm and 1400-1600mm in 150mm high bands.


Applied Film Designs

Endless design and colour options can add a corporate, themed or feature design throughout the glass screen installation with an interior to striking effect.

A wide range of film types are available in a number of effects and colours. Safety films and light controlling films and specialist performance films for security can be applied - Please ask for advice from our specialists.

Suitable glass, either DEKO FG or DEKO FG2 can be fitted with electronically charged glass which can be switched from opaque to clear at the flick of a switch.


Integral Blinds

DEKO FG2 or FG2 Fire can incorporate integral, fine line blinds which can be operated either manually or electronically.

Available in a range of colours and patterns, the blinds are maintenance free and add an optional element of privacy.