Iain McAlpine
One of the most common questions put to me by Clients is “Why should we choose Indeglas? What sets you apart?”

It’s easy to point to lists of accreditations, prestigious projects and repeat customers but in reality, it’s the qualities, attitudes and values within our team that really make us what we are.

In many ways, when I interviewed for a position within the company, the “why should I choose Indeglas?” question was just as relevant to me personally as it is to a Client. From my point of view, I want to be part of a Company that works hard to preserve and build reputation and relationships, is genuinely ethical, and above all, does everything possible to keep its word no matter what.

That’s exactly what I’ve found at Indeglas and I’m proud to be a leader within the business.


Iain McAlpine, Commercial Director


We solve problems with a combination of innovation and sound methodology

Our experience and enthusiasm give us a platform for innovation, not only in what we do, but more importantly, in how we do it.  

Five years ago, we would have hesitated at the thought of providing a contractor design package for structural steel capable of supporting our 4.4m high, 25mm thick Atrium Glazing yet here we are safe in the knowledge that we have the skills necessary both in-house and within our supply chain to provide a fully modularised, off-site solution. In practice, on our works at University of Glasgow this has not only solved an all too familiar interface problem but satisfies the construction programme and logistics constraints inherent in a large-scale Project.

We have an instinctive commitment to deliver

In common with lots of organisations we strive to provide a great product but we are acutely aware that the very best in acoustic and fire performance must be matched with a service level that our customers can count on.

We realise that every Project brings different challenges and expectations but the range of different skills and experience within our team gives us confidence that we will provide Clients with the best solution possible.

By focusing on construction methodology, we can positively influence each project whether it requires modularisation, specific access requirements or just pushing ourselves outside of our everyday comfort zone.

We’re flexible and committed to being part of the bigger team

Our works at Do&Co’s Heathrow facility really demonstrate this. The technical detail and speed of construction was impressive; however, our success rested on our ability to work closely with the main contractor, design team and our supply chain to facilitate the supply and delivery of over 1400m2 of fire rated glass in advance of our start date. This not only suited the restrictive nature of the site’s logistics but built in the type of flexibility required to suit an ever- changing installation sequence without jeopardising efficiency or handover dates.

We have a genuine desire to lean in and listen

By understanding the needs of others, we have seen strengthened relationships, improvement in our own performance and, quite frankly, an increased confidence in ourselves as an outward and forward-looking company.

We’re blessed with great partners

As a long-term distributor of the DEKO product range, we have experienced the benefits of being treated like a partner and someone who can make a real difference to their business. That relationship complements the people in each company perfectly and is a model that we replicate throughout our supply chain. In an ever evolving, highly technical environment it’s essential that we can rely on extremely talented and like-minded engineers, manufacturers, and service providers.

We are very lucky to benefit from each other’s know how and it’s this synergy, enthusiasm and determination to succeed as a team that makes us more than “a safe pair of hands". 



Latest Updates


Latest Updates

"We realise that every Project brings different challenges and expectations but the range of different skills and experience within our team gives us confidence that we will provide Clients with the best solution possible."

Iain McAlpine, Commercial Director


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