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Indeglas has undertaken a series of steps within the office to support social distancing and a safe return to work as soon as Government guidelines suggest it is safe to do so.

We have had a deep clean carried out of all surfaces followed by a treatment of Zoono, an anti-microbial disinfectant which works by creating a molecular layer of covalently bound biocidal molecules based around silicone polymer chemistry.  


We have further divided the office with fully glazed, full height partitions, creating defined work areas for a maximum of two people. For the time being, these sets of two people will form duos, who liaise with each other to ensure their attendance at the office does not overlap, thus controlling the proximity of people working closely together. In addition, we have fitted 1800mm height glass screens between desks to add an additional barrier to further reduce risk of infection from coughs and sneezes. 


Glass screens are easily cleaned without scratching, unlike Perspex, which is more costly, less hygienic and presents heightened spread of fire risk. All communal areas, which carry a higher risk of spreading infection, have been cleared of tables and chairs to avoid staff congregating, and we have arrangements in place for surfaces of photocopiers and printers and other office equipment to be cleaned twice a week. A hand sanitiser gel dispenser has been fitted at the entrance to the office.


Return to work inductions are being carried out where required with a two page checklist, provided by our HR Consultant, HR Services Scotland, being discussed with each individual and signed off, along with office specific or site specific return to work from furlough or working from home on a fulltime basis. 


We are also providing a full Mental Health helpline service for all staff and their immediate families to offer additional support as required as we adjust to our new way of working from a period which, for some, has created anxiety and stress. A return to work personal kit is also being provided, including hand gel, surface wipes and face masks.


As Government advice remains to work at home where possible, we intend to comply, with only a skeleton staff attending the office on a rota basis, scaling up as construction sites begin to open.


We remain in close contact with our main contractor clients to make mutually agreeable preparations, following Government and trade specific Health and Safety advice to ensure safe working conditions are being provided on site. Our Health and Safety Consultant, Deans and Boyd, is providing additional information where required.


Feel free to get in touch by contacting us on 01236 453 000.

Latest Updates


Latest Updates

We remain in close contact with our main contractor clients to make mutually agreeable preparations, following Government and trade specific Health and Safety advice to ensure safe working conditions are being provided on site.

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